A Wenham

Websites and whatnot

Hello, this is the website of Allan Wenham. I'm a freelance web/windows solutions developer and web-space consultant with around 12 years experience in the field.

If you have a project you need help on, or just want some web start-up advice, please feel free to contact me.

There is not much here at the moment unless you want to Unlock your Nexus S (or Nexus One) Mobile Phone or learn about Hard Drive Recovery as I am building this site by hand, "old school" because I can.

Here is my page on VB.NET ADO, here is where I will put some examples of common DB functions that I sometimes use.

Here is a link to my music page were you can get to some of the most depressing recordings of songs ever known!

In the meantime here is a picture of a cat (Jasper), as the Internet as we all know is desperately short of images of cats!


i haz an invisible harp!